Opinion: Should We Own The Latest Generation of iPhone?

(Source : Forbes, Apple iPhone 12, 12 Pro, Pro Max, Mini)

By Nashruddin Hasan

This year Apple has been shaking the world by introducing the fastest phone that ever made called iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and iPhone 12 Mini at Apple Event (yearly biggest event held in Apple Park, California USA). Tim Cook as Apple CEO expected the latest line up could brings new something amazing, like world fastest cellular connection 5G, XDR display, new design, colors, A14 Bionic chip, LiDAR scanner, improve night mode camera, and more. Cool isn’t?

(Source : Apple Store, MagSafe and the new smartcase)

For me, its easy to dismiss the iPhone 12 as just “the same to previous generation” especially when you consider the new and compact iPhone 12 Mini is on its way. But with the additional of the MagSafe and smart accessories that’s patched could prove groundbreaking. Combined with new features as I explained, mean iPhone 12 will become more useful the longer you own it.

However, the latest version of Apple iPhone 12 is more expensive than last year iPhone 11, and it doesn’t come with a charger in the box; yes, there are environmental benefits to this, but you may need to factor buying a new charger into the cost of your new iPhone on top of the higher price except you have already Type-C adapter.

The iPhone 12 release date was 23 October, so the phone is out now and you’re able to purchase directly from Apple as well as a variety of premium retails. The price started from $1,149 for iPhone 12 (available), $1,649 for iPhone 12 Pro (pre-order), $1,799 for iPhone 12 Pro Max (pre-order) and iPhone 12 Mini (soon).

Back to the main question, should we own the latest generation of iPhone? My opinion is “don’t” if you doesn’t have stay-money $2,000 or less on your card. For me, iPhone 8 series, X series, 11 series, iPhone SE 2 is more, more, and more enough for daily usage especially for us as students of university. Budget start from $400 to $800 depending on previous series.

First reason is, what students nowadays needs? They need books, PDFs, entertainments, and online services. iPhone 12 bring new 5G connection, can you imagine 5G connections in Indonesia and Sudan? How long it’ll come? My prediction is 2-3 years ahead depending on situation. Second, you’ll still able to use iPhone 8, X, 11, SE 2 for coming 4 years and update into the latest version of iOS. Third, Apple deeply keeps privacy in their products without exception and the uncompromising performance. Think about it. Four, features and apps in previous generation still works as well to complete your daily needs, with great camera that you can compare, productivity like surfing webs, mails, editing, reminding, files or even games, music, entertainment and so much more. Five, as long as Apple logo in your hand you have got an exclusive product.

So, it’s up to you. You can spent less money with same benefits or pay more for the latest, fastest, and greatest iPhone in history. Make your choice wisely.

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